Things NOT To Do in Chicago

Things NOT To Do in Chicago

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Do not put ketchup on your hot dog.
A true Chicago-style hot dog is a Vienna beef hot dog in a poppyseed bun, topped with onions, mustard, sweet pickle relish, tomato slices, a dill pickle spear and a dash of celery salt.
Get Your Words Right!
Calling Chicago Chi-town really bothers some people
Is Chi-raq okay?

It’s “Dee-vón” instead of “dev-in” and “Paul-eye-nah” not “Paul-eena.” There is a long list that I could go on, but I am going to keep it short and sweet.
Calling it “the train” instead of the “el.”

Don’t fly in or out of O’Hare
O’Hare Airport has one of the worst on-time records in the country.
especially when there’s bad weather.
Use Midway , chicago’s other Airport instead which sees fewer delays and shorter security lines

Do not buy Cubs tickets in advance.
Unless the Cubs return to their playoff form of 2003, there is no reason to try to get tickets to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field in advance. Scalpers are always outside of the ballpark in full force and if you wait until the game has started, you can probably even grab a ticket at a discount.

Don’t visit when it’s cold
There’s no getting around it: Chicago winters are miserable. If you want to be able to experience all the city has to offer, visit between May and September, when the city comes alive with outdoor food and music festivals just about every weekend. This is also the best time of year to enjoy beautiful beaches on Lake Michigan, biking on the lakefront trail, strolls through Millennium and Grant Park, and architectural boat rides on the Chicago River. If you visit in winter, you can still take advantage of Chicago’s great restaurants, bars, shopping, and cultural venues, but you’ll almost freeze to death in the process.

That’s pretty impressive right? (Skybox)
No! It’s too expensive!
DON’T: Go to the Willis Tower
You’ll wait in a long line and pay $19 to go to the top of what is now the country’s second-tallest building. Of course you can pay 40$ for a fast pass to skip the queue.
DON’T: Take the family to Navy Pier
Navy Pier is like the Times Square of Chicago: It’s iconic, yes, but it’s busy and touristy, and there isn’t all that much to actually do there.

And finally
Don’t miss an architecture boat tour.
the Chicago Architecture River Cruise is the quintessential Chicago visitor experience. You’ll get a primer on Chicago’s history, and also enjoy a prime vantage point from which to enjoy the city’s world famous architecture.