Chicago Booth: Possibility, Opportunity, and Inquiry

Chicago Booth: Possibility, Opportunity, and Inquiry

Watch as students discuss the flexibility of the master’s degree as well as the incredible student community and support network at Chicago Booth. There are faculty who encourage an environment of inspiring thought and help students to ask the right questions; an alumni network and career services support system that allows students to take risks and pursue their passions; and a community of students who are committed to helping each other grow.

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Local tech startup steps on the gas

Local tech startup steps on the gas

Sarah Grant always loved the open road but was never too high on staying in hotels, so the idea of purchasing an RV had obvious appeal

“If you can’t travel the world, you should at least have a good grasp of the lower 48,” said Grant, whose family typically travels each year by car from their home in Fostoria, Ohio, to Texas.

However, the prospect of a piece of equipment costing $50,000 or more sitting in her driveway for 10 or 11 months a year wasn’t ideal. That was until RVShare, a local startup, helped turned her apartment-on-wheels — a 2010 Fleetwood Quest, to be exact — into a revenue generator for her family. So far this vacation season, “The Quest,” as the family calls it, only sits in their driveway for two or three-day stretches at a time and the earned revenue more than covers the debt service on their RV.

Akron-based RVShare is an AirBnB-like platform that allows RV owners to rent out their vehicles when they aren’t using them. For making the connection and providing some of the back-end work — insurance, most importantly — RVShare takes a cut of the rental fee, which usually starts at about 15%.

“Our mission statement is not on our website because it wouldn’t make sense to the front-end consumer,” said RVShare co-founder and CEO Joel Clark. “We create entrepreneurs. We fell in love early on with helping the middle-American family.”

Admittedly, Clark said, the RV rental business seems like an odd niche, but there was clearly a market need. For one, people had been pedaling RV rentals on Craigslist for years, lacking access to much of the back-end technology that he believes makes RVShare so valuable. Also, many RV dealerships or mom-and-pop shops who rent vehicles only do so during certain times of the year.

The impetus for the company was RVShare co-founder Mark Jenney, who had bought an RV to travel the country as part of his honeymoon. Afterward, he realized he had no use for the vehicle and longed for a way to make money off the investment. Enter Clark, who offered to build a rudimentary template. It immediately started getting hits.

“The average RV sits unused for 50 weeks a year,” Clark said. “When insurance companies rate the risk, they’re rating the risk on only two usage weeks per year. That’s crazy. You’ve got 10 million families for 50 weeks a year that pretty much have a money pit in the driveway they don’t have time to use. It’s almost a second mortgage.”

And so far, the business model seems to be working. Without providing exact figures, Clark said the 4-year-old startup remains self-funded and “fully profitable.” Also, at this point last year, RVShare had about 12 employees, but today its workforce hovers around 40 people. Right now, more than 30,000 RVs are listed for rent on the company’s website. According to the company, the average RV owner earns more than $10,000 per year through the service. Some reported earning $30,000. Listings also are free.

“Our greatest challenge is finding the right people to add to our team fast enough,” Clark said. “We’re very much a puppy growing into its paws.”

The so-called “sharing economy” is hardly a novel concept — just look at the success of companies like Lyft, Uber and AirBnB. The idea behind it being sharing underused assets or services, usually for a fee, on a peer-to-peer basis.

However, the model, especially for a startup, does present its challenges, Clark said. For one, Clark said RVShare’s first two years were spent trying to develop the marketplace.

“Building a platform doesn’t necessarily mean users would immediately flock to it,” he said.

“Marketplaces are a simple idea, but they also present some very unique problems,” Clark said. “Starting a marketplace from scratch is a chicken-and-egg problem. You’re responsible for one side of the equation or the other. Neither side wants to be first side to the party. We ended up cracking that egg and built this product, and then went out and found people trying to do this but didn’t have a platform.”

RVShare does have its competitors, though Clark said RVShare’s differentiator is that it’s the only marketplace with both liability and comp insurance backed by a rated carrier. Others, he said, self-insure damage and collision. RVShare has an exclusive arrangement with MBA Insurance, which specializes in the RV space.

The sharing economy, meanwhile, is becoming an increasingly larger piece of the overall economy. According to a survey from the Pew Research Center, 72% of American adults have used at least one of 11 different shared and on-demand services mentioned in the survey.

Also, about one in five Americans have used four or more of these services, and 7% have used six or more. Moreover, according to a recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, current economic data might not yet fully grasp the impact peer-to-peer services, particularly ride-sharing apps, are having on the overall economy.


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Adviser: Lessons abound as Tesla speeds toward streaming

Adviser: Lessons abound as Tesla speeds toward streaming

“And the sign says you’ve got to have a membership card to get inside.”

Twenty-seven years ago, the metal band Tesla covered the song “Signs” for its MTV Unplugged album, Five Man Acoustical Jam. This title was a (relatively uncreative) spin on the Five Man Electrical Band, the Canadians who initially penned the lyrics to the album’s fifth track. Fast forward to 2017, and this mildly obscure hair band may have been oddly prophetic. Another Tesla — this time I’m referring to Tesla Motors Inc., the technology company led by a One Man Electrical Brand, Elon Musk — may soon be delivering the same message to competitors like Apple, Amazon and Spotify.

Look out music providers, objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear. Tesla could be speeding into the streaming business.

In late June, Tesla revealed its intent to develop its own proprietary music-streaming service. This unnamed product would come bundled in all Tesla vehicles according to the report from Recode. On the surface, this won’t impact most Americans. After all, Tesla fell short of its sales goal — delivering at least 80,000 vehicles — by the end of 2016. They passed 100,000 cars sold this January.

At first blush, some pundits questioned the investment necessary to design and launch a proprietary music-streaming service for a couple hundred thousand vehicles. It’s hard not to raise an eyebrow when Spotify claimed at least 50 million paying subscribers while Amazon reported 27 million. But, if there’s one thing Musk has proved time and time again, it’s that he isn’t afraid of the long play. And new members of the Tesla family may be easier to obtain in the next few years.

On July 5, Volvo announced that all new cars launched from 2019 onward will be partially or completely battery-powered. In that same story, The Guardian reports that Volvo, “has yet to build a single fully electric car.” The company’s self-imposed deadline is a mere 24 months away.

France followed suit by announcing that it planned to ban all new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. By the end of July, the United Kingdom became the latest European country to announce a similar move, likewise targeting 2040 as the year its gas-car ban will go into effect.

With this rising global demand for electric vehicles, Tesla appears to have a head start in the electric car arms race. That may be exactly why the streaming business is music to Musk’s ears.

Pandora seems to be caught between the net and baseline — a place tennis players refer to as “No Man’s Land.” They burst onto the streaming scene with an ad-supported listening model. Then, to chase Spotify, Pandora introduced Premium, it’s $10-a-month, me-too service, to lukewarm reviews. After a management shakeup, Pandora is reportedly back to the drawing board to figure out how to make the ad-supported model work.

Spotify is clearly the streaming leader. But its financial health is directly correlated to its ability to negotiate better music royalty rates. Unlike Apple or Amazon, there are no other business units that can subsidize these premiums.

Which leads us back to Tesla. If the fledgling auto maker can accelerate its manufacturing to meet this growing demand, its affluent customer base will grow exponentially. The combination of locking its streaming competition out of its vehicles in favor of its proprietary service and growing its base of rabid fans could land a deadly body blow to Apple, Amazon, Pandora and Spotify.

In a recent Business Insider interview, a Tesla spokesperson said, “Our goal is to simply achieve maximum happiness for our customers.”

On the surface, this may sound like a squishy platitude from a seasoned PR veteran. But I believe that remark was delivered in earnest. I believe it because since it burst onto the scene in 2003, Tesla has proven that it isn’t just a car company. It is a technology company. And often, technology companies forget the real purpose of technological advancement: to make our lives more enjoyable.

Technology should make the complex simple. It should help connect us with people more effectively. It should give us new ways to share ideas and express creativity. Ultimately, the role of technology is to help us reach a different level of happiness. Perhaps, a level that we didn’t couldn’t collectively conceive five years prior.

When it comes to technological advancement, Tesla is clearly in the driver’s seat. The lesson for other technology companies is that Tesla got there by thinking outside of its car.


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Top 10 things to do in Chicago, USA. Visit Chicago

Top 10 things to do in Chicago, USA. Visit Chicago

Top 10 Chicago. Places to visit in Chicago. Things to do in Chicago.
My list of top 10 attraction to see in Chicago (The windy city).
10. Navy Pier
9. Shedd Aquarium
8. Museums
7. Buckingham Fountain
6. Crown Fountain check out the video –
5. The Loop
4. Millennium Park
3. Boat Ride
2. Cloud Gate
1. Willis Tower & sky deck

Please let me know your views and suggestion.

Visit Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.: Things to do in Chicago – The Windy City

Visit Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.: Things to do in Chicago – The Windy City

Visit Chicago – Top 10 Things which can be done in Chicago. What you can visit in Chicago – Most visited touristic attraction of Chicago.

Top 10 attractions in Chicago.

Tribune Tower
A neo-Gothic building located at 435 North Michigan Avenue. Is the home of the Chicago Tribune, Tribune Media, and Tribune Publishing. Was completed in 1925 and reached a height of 462 feet (141 m) above ground.

Buckingham Fountain
One of the largest fountains in the world. Built in a rococo wedding cake style. It is meant to allegorically represent Lake Michigan. Regular water shows and evening color-light shows. During the winter, it is decorated with festival lights.

Adler Planetarium
It is America’s first planetarium. It was opened to the public on May 12, 1930. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987. The Adler’s mission is to inspire exploration and understanding of the Universe.

Grant Park
A large urban park (319 acres or 1.29 km²). The park is often called “Chicago’s front yard”. Contains performance venues, gardens, art work, sporting, and harbor facilities. It hosts public gatherings, and several large annual events.

Lincoln Park Zoo
A free 35-acre (14 ha) zoo. Was founded in 1868, making it one of the oldest zoos in the U.S. One of a few free admission zoos in the U.S. About 1,100 animals from 200 species. Home a burr oak tree which dates to 1830, three years before the city was founded.

Museum of Science and Industry
The largest science museum in the Western Hemispher. Features a full-size replica coal mine, a German submarine (U-505) captured during World War II, a 3,500-square-foot (330 m2) model railroad, the first diesel-powered streamlined stainless-steel passenger train (Pioneer Zephyr), and the Apollo 8 spacecraft that carried the first humans to orbit the Moon.

Willis Tower
Or Sears Tower, is a 108-story, 1,451-foot (442 m) skyscraper. At the time of its completion in 1973, it was the tallest building in the world. One of the most popular tourist destinations, Over one million people visit its observation deck each year.

Shedd Aquarium
An indoor public aquarium that opened on May 30, 1930. Contains over 25,000 fish, 1500 species including fish, marine mammals, birds, snakes, amphibians, and insects. Was the first inland aquarium with a permanent saltwater fish collection.

Millennium Park
A public park originally intended to celebrate the millennium. Planning began in October 1997. Construction in October 1998, and Millennium Park was opened in a ceremony on July 16, 2004, four years behind schedule.

Navy Pier
A 3,300-foot-long (1,010 m) pier. Was built in 1916 at a cost of $4.5 million. one of the most visited attractions in the entire Midwestern United States and is Chicago’s number one tourist attraction.

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Chicago Travel Guide: Things To See, Do & Eat

Chicago Travel Guide: Things To See, Do & Eat

This is your beginner’s guide to Chicago: where to stay, what to see, and all the food unique to the Windy City!
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W Chicago City Center
Millennium Park & Cloud Gate
Art Institute of Chicago
360 Chicago
Chicago Athletic Association
IPO at W Chicago City Center
Skydeck Chicago
Garrett Popcorn Shops
Navy Pier

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Chicago Travel Guide | Things to Do, Attractions, Nightlife, Museums, Jazz, Theater and More

Chicago Travel Guide | Things to Do, Attractions, Nightlife, Museums, Jazz, Theater and More

Explore Chicago with Where as we visit top attractions like Millennium Park, Skydeck, 360 Chicago and others before tasting deep-dish pizzas, visiting the city’s theaters, comedy clubs and jazz venues, and then wrapping up our trip at a classic Chicago speakeasy.

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35 Things to do in Chicago | Top Attractions Travel Guide

35 Things to do in Chicago | Top Attractions Travel Guide

The following travel video is a comprehensive list of the best 35 Things to do in Chicago including all of the top Attractions worth visiting and seeing in this complete travel guide for the Windy City.
Many people don’t realize this but Chicago is a world class city with festivals, arts, entertainment, dining and architecture that can rival any city in North America or even Europe. The only other city that I think can compare with Chicago – in terms of attractions – in America is New York. Whether you’re scarfing down Chicago style deep dish pizza or taking in a Blues festival you’ll find no shortage of things to do in the city. If you’re a sport fan there are no shortage of professional teams to follow at any time of the year including the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears and the Chicago Bulls. When you’re thinking of destination to travel to in the United States, Chicago should be near the top of your list. I guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun:

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35 Things to do in Chicago | Top Attractions Travel Guide

1) Chicago Architecture and Chicago River Walk
2) Chicago River Boat Trip
3) Kayaking along the Chicago River
4) Cloud Gate – The Bean
5) Millennium Park
6) Pavilion ‘Free Shows’
7) Art Institute of Chicago
8) Watch a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field
9) Eat Deep Dish Pizza
10) Visit the sky deck at Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower)
11) Stroll around the University of Chicago campus
12) Check out the Oriental Institute of History
13) Marvel and escape the bustle at Osaka Garden
14) Enjoy an afternoon or evening at Wicker Park
15) Relax and escape at Humboldt Park
16) Check out the Dinosaur exhibits at the Chicago Field Museum
17) Visit the Shedd Aquarium – the largest indoor one in the world
18) Watch a Chicago Blackhawks game at the United Center
19) Check out the ‘Borders’ exhibit at Solti Gardens of Grant Park
20) Admire Buckingham Fountain during the day or at night
21) View the Chicago skyline from the Hancock Center
22) Spend an afternoon having fun at Navy Pier
23) Wander around Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory
24) Work out or get a tan at North Avenue Beach
25) Laugh your head off watching improv at The Second City
26) Test your mind playing the Zombie Game
27) Go shopping or people watching along the Magnificent Mile
28) Take the Chicago ‘El or ‘L’ CTA metro system
29) Watch an NFL football game (Chicago Bears) at Soldier Field
30) Check out the entirely free Money Museum
31) Ride a bicycle in downtown Chicago
32) Spend time at the Museum of Science and Technology
33) Marvel at the architectural wonder known as Robbie House
34) Rest your legs by taking a Chicago city tour by Segway
35) Check out a performance at Chicago Theatre

We got to see buildings like Marina City, Trump Tower, and Wrigley Building. Architecture river tours are a fun way to take in the sights along the river. If you find yourself here during the summer months kayaking is a popular way to experience the Chicago River. The Crown Fountain is a cool interactive sculpture located in Millennium Park. Art lovers will enjoy the Art Institute of Chicago. Taking in a Chicago Cubs baseball game at Wrigley field is a must for anyone who visits the city. You can’t come to Chicago and not eat deep-dish pizza! During our week here we ate at many pizzerias in town including Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s, Gino’s East Side, and Pizzeria Uno. Formerly known as the Sears Tower, Willis Tower is now the 2nd tallest building in the United States. Many of the buildings at the University of Chicago were designed in the Gothic style.
which is in Chicago’s South Side. For a chance to come face to face with dinosaurs, head over to the Field Museum. Right next door is the Shedd Aquarium which is a popular attraction for families. Visit the John Hancock Center by night as the city really dazzles from the 94th floor. The Navy Pier is a fun place to visit on a weekend including a Ferris Wheel. Chicago’s Museum of Science and Technology is the largest science museum. It’s hard to miss the flashing lights of the historic Chicago Theatre! Music has creative commons attribution license:

35 Things to do in Chicago


Chicago Business Working Together

Things You will not Like About Chicago Businesses and Things You Will

Chicago Businesses

It is always excellent to have a splendid idea about food preparation since the company involves lots of art along with science. Wherever you reside, there’s a taxi company in your town. To assist you to know what’s happening in your organization, among the first things to implement into your business is a culture of experiencing a year end each month.

For instance, to establish a coffee-house you might require something like $200,000 whereas to create a little eating stall you might only need $2000. A suitable plan is vital to making an internet directory a success. When you wish to begin a stock photography company and sell stock photos to earn money, you must bear in mind certain things.

It is also possible to utilize online resources to seek out services that offer a list of legitimate escrow companies and known fake ones. Don’t forget, all though you might want to paint a customer may not love it or have the moment. You do not just should focus on bringing in new clients, but you also need to concentrate on satisfying and `over delivering’ to your current customer base.

It is likewise a potent tool to construct a huge impression, particularly if you are in possession of an excellent title to go for a sleek, small business card. The registration procedure is very easy and free. Now if you really, truly don’t have another process of building your company, it is a start.

Bear this in mind while you plan your business and equipment requirements. After buying a computer, or in case you currently have a computer appropriate for your accounting office, the public next accountant supply which is going to be needed a decent accounting computer software package. Possibly the most critical thing it provides you is the capability to transition from truly being a technician to truly being a manager.

What Chicago Businesses Is – and What it Is Not

Names being used by businesses in the transportation and healthcare industries may also give some inspiration. The agencies will supply you with topics on which you have to take photos. Companies searching for a Chicago Janitorial service is now able to rest assured.

Experience and understanding of the enterprise in mind are among the factors to think about in establishing a retail business operation. A business program ought to be detailed. Set out the goals which you have for your company in its first two or three decades.

If you are unfamiliar with the fundamental things to do to create a business, I encourage you to go have a look at the significant number of publications you can discover on the internet and then return and revisit this informative article. Auction websites and classified websites are a dime a dozen on the net, and every one of them has their very own loyal followers and unique selling propositions. You should dig into the past of the potential search engine marketing partner you are excited about hiring.

It is getting harder and harder to earn car sales. You can get products in bulk and begin selling to retail fashion shops and company offices. Your clients should know that you exist.

The numbers supplied by Immigration and Customs Enforcement appear to demonstrate that last week’s raid was a greater number than normal. You might also think about a name that operates well as an acronym. In this part, you will want to observe how your compare to the competition.