Chicago is a city that has been constantly in the limelight as far as business opportunities are concerned. This city is known to be one of the most important in the US and has been constantly growing and expanding. Several businesses have their headquarters located in Chicago and for anyone who is determined to be financially independent there are several good business opportunities that can be found here. If you are a Christian and are interested in starting a business where you can reach out to other fellow Christians then there are various Christian businesses in Chicago that you may want to consider. Given below are a few ways in which you can find such business opportunities.

Talk to the local churches
One of the best ways to find out more about Christian businesses in Chicago is by contacting some of the local churches in the city. Chicago is a fairly large city and is home to more than a dozen different churches. You can start by contacting the church that you regularly attend and talk to the authorities there to find out about the various business opportunities that they may be aware of. This would be a good way to get hold of references and to find ideas that you may be interested in. Once you do find opportunities that you like you can then approach various other churches to see if they have something helpful in mind. Some of the churches in Chicago that you can start contacting are Holy Name Cathedral, Old St. Patrick’s Church, Pilgrim Baptist Church and St Peter’s Church. If you are close to any of these churches then it would be easier to begin your search.

Local Christian associations
Chicago is also home to several formal and informal local Christian associations that may help you find good Christian businesses in Chicago. With a little research it would be possible for you to find a list of such associations. Join a few such associations so that you can network and connect with fellow entrepreneurs in the city. When it comes to business, networking is very important and these associations would be a great place to get to know helpful people in the industry who may provide you information that may be useful to you. Associations like Willow Creek, Christian Community Development Association of Chicago etc. can be very helpful.

Join Chicago forums online
Another great way to learn about business opportunities in Chicago is by signing up for Chicago based Christian forums and directories online. There are several such forums and directories online and like local associations you would be able to contact several entrepreneurs, businessmen, associations and Christians in Chicago at such venues. This would be a good place for you to make some helpful contacts and learn about what types of businesses are currently in demand in the city.